Game Takes: Hawks 2 Flames 1

March 26th, 2016 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

And so there it is, the Flames officially eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Wild’s win over the Avalanche earlier today.

So the done like dinner Flames take the ice with nothing but pride at stake against the Chicago Blackhawks, a club struggling themselves in recent times, essentially handing the division crown in the Central to the Dallas Stars.

Would the Flames mail it in? Think again, as the Flames outplay the Hawks, but can’t out finish them in a 4-1 empty net padded loss to the Hawks on Saturday night, their third last home game on the docket.

Next year, next year … next year…. . – Full Article –

Game Takes: Wild 6 Flames 2

March 24th, 2016 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Sometimes the story just isn’t written by Disney. The prince on the white horse doesn’t ride into the sunset, the hero doesn’t get the girl, the Death Star doesn’t blow up.

But then sometimes all of that just isn’t needed.

The Flames fulfilled Niklas Backstrom’s two start no movement clause agreement tonight in style, letting him start against his former mates in Minnesota, a desperate crew that little choice but pick away at their former buddy to the tune of a 6-2 win on Thursday night.

Backstrom wasn’t good, there is little doubt, but he hung in and the Flames hung with him in giving the veteran goaltender a great send off to a very solid career. – Full Article –

Game Takes: Leafs 5 Flames 2

March 21st, 2016 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

When the Flames hit the ice there is little doubt that tanking is in their plans.

Tonight for example the Flames out hit the Leafs almost five to one, the effort was there, the players left it all on the ice.

Off the ice some curious moves were made however, including first and foremost the decision to start Jonas Hiller after Niklas Backstrom started last night in Montreal. Back to back games usually gets you a backup start, no doubt, but how often do you see goalies two and three with number one sitting?

As if by plan the goaltending was the difference as Jonas Hiller gave up three goals on 24 shots (.875), one his fault completely, another he should have had as the Flames go down 5-2 to the lowly Leafs. Who am I kidding, they’re both lowly. – Full Article –

Game Takes: Flames 4 Candiens 1

March 20th, 2016 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

The guy just wanted to play.

Sitting healthy in Minnesota, relegated to the third goaltender, no longer getting the net for practice or to dress in games. He was in NHL hell.

Then a very strange opportunity arises when a late trade deadline move requires the transfer of his salary. Where am I going? Calgary, a team with zero chance to make the playoffs. He says sure with his no trade clause but only if they promise me two games. Now I’m not sure if the Flames would be obligated contractually to an odd clause like that but they fulfilled step one tonight with a start in Montreal.

And the old guy came within 7 minutes of a shut out in a 4-1 win in Montreal. A great story, with at least one more chapter. – Full Article –

Game Takes: Avalanche 4 Flames 3 (SO)

March 18th, 2016 | Posted in Game Takes | By: Gary Cooper

To win, or not to win – that is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged fans, or to take arms against a sea of tankers, And by opposing them? To lose, to slide. To slide, to dream: ay, there’s the rub; for in that slide of losses, what dreams may come? The Merchant of Zurich? Two Gentlemen of Suomi?

Okay, maybe the tanking debate isn’t worthy of a Shakespearean soliloquy, but it is a Tempest, even if it is Much Ado About Nothing. In the end I guess, this above all; to thine own self be true. And enjoy the games. – Full Article –

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