Garbage Bag Day

April 25th, 2008 | Posted in CPuck Blog | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Much like Ground Hog’s day garbage bag day is the annual day where a city’s media waits for a playoff dashed hockey club to pop their collective heads up to answer questions and toss around cliches. It’s like book return day at high schools with the exams in the past, and kids heading off in various directions for summer holidays.

The ebb and flow of the CBA dictates between 20 and 40% turn over for each and every club, so expect today to be the last “dome” day for at least eight or nine players that were on the roster as the Flames took on the Sharks.

Another issue at hand is Team Canada, and the agreement or rejection of Calgary players asked to play for their country. Dion Phaneuf and Matthew Lombardi went over last year; it will be interesting to see who attends this spring. Jarome Iginla, in the past, has always said no when asked, but is a shoe in for the Olympic team in 2010.

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