2003 Calgarypuck Roster Pool

Due: Friday September 12th

September 9th, 2003

Calgarypuck.com Staff

It's that time of year again ...

With the count down to the 2003 Calgary Flames training camp now down to just a number of days, it's high time that Calgarypuck readers put away the Bermuda shorts and make their selections for this years camp roster pool.

Same rules apply...

Each poolie needs to submit a 23-man opening night roster by clicking on the following email address mcgrath@calgarypuck.com.

The break down of the roster is up to you when it comes to the number of goalies, forwards, and defenceman. AS LONG AS IT TOTALS 23 PLAYERS

You may include players from another organization (predicting a waiver move, or trade), but if you, please include how this transaction is shakes down.

Deadline for entries is Friday of this week (September 12th).

Tie Breaker: In case we have a tie at the end of the pool process, please include the starting three forwards for the opening face off in Vancouver in the Flames season opener.

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