2002 Calgarypuck.com "Get A Life" Poster Awards

Calgarypuck.com Staff
July 30th, 2002

They talk too much. They never make sense. They're irritating. They're forever skeptical or hopeless homers. You have the sneaking suspicion they're just egging you on for no reason.

Or maybe they really do make sense and you're the one who's an idiot.

Now you have an opportunity to point a finger at your enemies or reward your favourite posters at Calgarypuck.com.

In an undisguised and complete rip-off of similar musings at Penaltybox.com, we give you the First Annual Calgarypuck.com "Get A Life" Poster Awards.

(And yes, we know there is no such thing as "first annual" but its the internet. . . . .)

Should TurekGirl be commended or condemned for labelling LannyMcDonald a "douchebag" in the heat of battle last year? And should a certain youngish poster be sharing his tangled thoughts on the board after a few too many pops at the local pub before denying it the next day until confronted with the hysterical evidence? Whatever happened to Elvis99? Is CrazyJoe the king of the one sentence post? Did Cowperson or JohnnyFlame win the battle for the soul of TimSJ, the used car salesman in St. John? Is Bingo still walking around with that fencepost up his butt like Lanny said? Will Splatman still be posting 50 times on a game night now that he has a girlfriend? Does JohnnyFlame really need all those exclamation marks to get his point across?

These questions and others can be answered by having you nominate candidates for each of the categories below via e-mail to mcgrath@calgarypuck.com. On Monday, our crack staff will tabulate the results and put forward three finalists for each category for a final vote.

Please include your reasoning with your selections. Take your best shots. Now's your chance!!!

THE "DOUG RISEBROUGH SHREDDING MARTY MCSORLEY'S SWEATER VICIOUS BASTARD" AWARD - the meanest poster on the board, the one guy who makes it personal real quick.

THE "PUT A BAG ON MY HEAD" AWARD - Most ashamed to be a Flames fan.

THE "AL COATES IS MY IDOL" AWARD - Biggest Flames homer on this board.

THE "VESA VIITAKOSKI FEARLESS FEMALE" AWARD - Favourite poster of the fairer sex.

THE HAKEN LOOB AWARD - Favourite Foreign Poster (non-North American)

THE ROGER NIELSON AWARD - Favourite fan of an opposing team.

THE DARCY TUCKER AWARD - Most disliked fan of an opposing team.

THE DICKIE DUNN AWARD - Favourite staff contributor

THE JIM PEPLINSKI AWARD - This poster gets all the laughs. Hahahaha. What a card.

THE SCOTT NICHOL AWARD - Gamest contributor with no argumentative ammunition.

THE RAIN MAN AWARD - Appears to know something but no one is sure exactly what that is.

THE CRAIG CONROY AWARD - Doesn't this guy ever shut up? Yack, yack, yack. The Poster of the Year.

THE ROD STERLING TWILIGHT ZONE AWARD - This poster most often ignores all down side of a Flames player while consistently trashing the coach, the GM or the entire organization to defend the player from harm.