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With training camp now just around the corner, it's time for the, third annual Opening Night Roster Pool.

It's simple.

Choose the 23 players that will make the Calgary Flames final roster as camp breaks at the end of September.

Or is it simple?

Not only do you have to play Kreskin in order to predict the final cuts, you also need to look into the crystal ball to foresee injuries, and trades as well. In prior years contract holdouts also presented a roadblock, but with all the Flames signed for camp, that won't be a problem.

Your submission:

- Each entry will consist of 23 players.

- The split between forwards and defencemen is up to each entrant (usual combinations being 13 forwards and eight defencemen, or 14 forwards and seven defencemen).

- Players predicted to be injured will be left off the list.

- If you predict a trade, simply take the players to be traded off your 23-player list, and replace them with the incoming players.

- The entrant with the most men standing at the end of training camp wins the pool. Tiebreaker will be the starting three forwards on opening night against Edmonton.

- Send your finished entry in Word, Excel or TXT format to D'

- Deadline: September 10th, 2001

Good luck!