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Training Camp Notes
Intra-Squad Game
September 19th, 2002

The Good:

Levente Szuper -

Levente Szuper's professional training camp shut out streak may have come to a close last night, but the mark didn't go down without an effort. Szuper started the second period for Team Black and was met with a barrage of Team White shots.

Mathew Lombardi -

Jarret who?

Matt Lombardi stood out each and every time he was on the ice last night. He showed great speed in going wide on defencemen, worked the puck well down low, and had excellent poise with the puck in traffic. Lombardi will be an excellent addition to the Saint John roster.

Derek Morris -

One of only a handful of "regular" Flames that played well in a setting designed for the rookies. Morris handled the puck very well, got off several decent shots from the point, and gave Jarome Iginla fits all night.

Petr Buzek -

Someone had better tell Mr. Buzek that his role is that of a sixth or seventh defenceman, he was clearly the best player on the ice last night. Like Morris, Buzek handled the puck very well, and often in the minutes he logged through the first two periods. Also played a strong game in his own zone.

Blair Betts -

Picked up an assist, but the majority of "good" in Blair Betts play last night could be found away from the puck. Betts was rock solid backing up the blueliners, and picking up his man.

Chuck Kobasew -

Chuck Kobasew played very well from what I couldn't see. Just like his play last September or his work with the World Junior team last Christmas, Kobasew is a player you just don't notice until the puck is in the net. Kobasew's invisible night garnered four or five excellent scoring chances and one goal.

Steve Begin -

Begin played like a man that is well aware of his standing with the Flames. He led the game in impact body contact, and even had a few good chances to score.

Jordan Leopold -

Jordan Leopold is last on the list of "the good" for a reason, he barely makes my cut. Leopold had a solid first period, jumping into the play, drifting in from the point, playing a heads up game. From there he largely disappeared however.

Honourable Mentions -

Additional bubble players that put in decent performances include; Oleg Saprykin, Ron Petrovicky, Mathias Johansson, Jesse Cook, and Micki Dupont.

The Bad:

Jamie McLennan -

Most veteran players turned in listless efforts last night, so McLennan should be cut some slack. The veteran stopper did surrender two goals on only a handful of shots in the first period however.

Every other veteran -

It was clearly rookie night ... the established Flames like Craig Conroy, Jarome Iginla, and Marc Savard were average at best.

The Ugly:

Robert Dome -

Robert Dome didn't play like a player given a second shot with a new organization. He was largely unnoticeable all night, until you did notice him giving the puck away. A very low-spirited effort.

Ladislav Kohn -

Laddy Kohn may have two full seasons of NHL hockey on his resume, but you wouldn't know if from last night. Kohn handled the puck like a lead balloon, and lacked the poise of many of his younger teammates. Looks like Saint John is about to get a favourite son back.

Mike Sgroi -

Sgroi would be given the edge in his fight with fellow behemoth Ryan Shmyr, but his mention of his skating ability has been grossly over stated. Don't even count on a contract offer.


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