March 11th, 2003


Quiet Flames Make Some Minor Noise

Niedermayer, Dupont, Johansson Out, McAmmond, Donovan In

by D'Arcy McGrath

Things sure are noisy in Calgary for a team destined for a quiet trade deadline.

No Calgary hasn't acquired a big name star player, a top prospect, a number one draft pick, or a future franchise player, but they didn't sit idly by and watch the day slip into oblivion either.

The Trade Line
Flames Reacquire McAmmond
Flames Deal Niedemayer

General manager Craig Button made three deals on Tuesday, acquiring former Flame Dean McAmmond, winger Shean Donovan, and shedding the salary of Rob Niedermayer.

The fire sale didn't happen.

Though Button was proactively shaping his lineup for next season, he didn't peddle any of the highly sought veterans like Jarome Iginla, Chris Drury, Bob Boughner or captain Craig Conroy.

McAmmond Conroy Iginla
Gelinas Drury Saprykin
Lowry Yelle Donovan
Berube Sloan Clark
Gauthier Boughner
Leopold Regehr
Lydman Ference

Up the road, tonight's visitors, the Edmonton Oilers were in fact the team that looked to move expensive parts, despite the fact that they appear to be playoff bound. With Kevin Lowe moving Anson Carter and Janne Niinimaa you can almost imagine the obscenity laden hockey phone in shows in the provincial capital this afternoon.

No ... instead Button subtracted salary and added components to a team that he hopes will rebound for a much improved season next campaign.

The lineup hasn't been greatly worked, with only one net player added on the day, but the team did alter the look of the squad. 

He upgraded the first line by adding McAmmond back to the spot he filled last season, and added some size lost in the Niedermayer trade by picking up Shean Donovan.

On a salary standpoint the Flames do come out ahead moving closet to 2.5 million in Niedermayer and Johansson and adding just 2.0 million with McAmmond and Donovan.

The cash could come into play this summer when Button hopes to resign some of his existing players.

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