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Button Bites Back

D'Arcy McGrath

June 26, 2001

Was Craig Button misquoted by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a story they ran this week?

A post draft article run by a St. Louis scribe had Craig Button, general manager of the Calgary Flames, criticizing the management of recently acquired goaltender Roman Turek.

See the St. Louis Post Dispatch article ... Calgary GM Criticizes Coach Q's Handling of Turek

"What you should do is reverse the roles on him. Ask Joel how he'd feel if the owner or manager says, 'You're our coach but we'll see how it goes after this game. And we want to give you that contract extension but we'll see how it goes after next week.' How would he like that?" were the quotes ran in the story.

Button tried to put the record straight on Tuesday, in the Telus Conference Room at the Saddledome.

"I talked to Larry Pleau, and Joel Quenville today", Button told

"Some comments were misinterpreted, others things weren't said at all".

"I deeply respect both men, and the St. Louis Blues organization".

"Larry Pleau is a good friend of mine. If it came across as criticism, it certainly wasn't meant".

Button is very confident of Roman Turek's abilities, suggesting he is clearly a number one goaltender.

"He played 67 games one season, and 54 the next, sounds like a number one goaltender to me".

When asked if Turek was mismanaged, Button remarked "in Dallas, yes he was mismanaged".

Button was clear on the division of labour for his goaltenders this upcoming in season, not hesitating in dubbing Roman Turek the team's clear number one goaltender.