Poll Results: Olympic Flames

D'Arcy McGrath

January 14th, 2002

Before Christmas (ok ... well before Christmas), Calgarypuck.com asked their readers to handicap the the potential for two Calgary Flames to by named Olympians for Team Canada.

As it turned out our pollsters were right.

A total of 59% made the correct selection by naming Jarome Iginla, but not Derek Morris to the squad.

An additional 35% of those responding had both Iginla and Morris on the squad, while only 4% of those who voted had neither player make the team.

Only one person selected Derek Morris, while leaving Jarome Iginla on the side lines.

As it turned out an injury to Morris' wrist both hampered his chances at getting selected as well as confirming the fact that even if he was selected he may not have taken part due to the fact that he will just be getting back to action this week.

Olympic Flame
Which, if any Flames will make the Canadian Olympic team?
Derek Morris  (1)


Jarome Iginla  (88)


Morris and Iginla  (53)


Neither player  (7)






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