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Winds of Change

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Results Poll - Making the Grade:

When a National Hockey League can boast an AHL championship team within it's development system, it's only natural for the parent team's fans to expect new additions to the NHL roster the following fall. asked it's readership to help predict which of the Calder Cup Champion Saint John Flames were the most likely to make the jump from the AHL to the NHL.

Over 260 total votes were cast for ten different players, with some clearly having more of a chance in the fans' eyes than others.

Daniel Tkaczuk finished first in the poll with 82 votes, or 31% of all votes cast. Tkaczuk came back from two concussions to help propel the Baby Flames past the WBS Penguins in the AHL championship.

Sergei Varlamov finished second in the poll with 61 votes, for 23% of the votes. Varlamov led all Flames goal scorers through the playoffs.

Saint John MVP Steve Begin came in third place with 44 votes, good for 16%.

Rounding out the top five were winger Chris Clark (31, 11%) and Saint John goaltender Martin Brochu (26, 9%).

All ten players included in the poll received at least one vote.

Making the Grade
Which of the following Calder Cup Champions will make the jump to the Calgary Flames next yeaer? (You can choose more than one)
Rico Fata  (13)


Derek Walser  (1)


Martin Brochu  (26)


Jason Botterill  (1)


Daniel Tkaczuk  (82)


Marty Murray  (2)


Darrel Scoville  (3)


Sergei Varlamov  (61)


Chris Clark  (31)


Steve Begin  (44) User-Suggestions



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