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Winds of Change

  What changes do you expect in the off-season?
Major trade/acquisition
Youth movement
UFA signing
Minor tinkering
No change

Results Poll - D-Day:

Heading into the 2001 NHL Entry Draft Calgary Flames fans were screaming for change. held an informal poll in mid June asking it's readership to give Craig Button some advice as to what actions he should take with the team's first round pick, 11th overall.

Ninety one percent of those that responded wanted some form of a trade involving the pick, ranging from trading down, to dealing for a franchise player.

Only nine percent felt the pick should be retained and used to make a selection.

42% of those polled wanted the pick moved for some immediate help for next season.

18% wanted the pick packaged with other assets in pursuit of a franchise player.

21% got exactly what they wanted, in the pick being moved to the Phoenix Coyotes in return for Phoenix's first round pick, 14th overall, and an additional asset, in this case a second round selection.


What should Craig Button do with his 11th overall pick?

Trade up to select a franchise player  (17)


Trade down to gain an additional asset  (20)


Keep it and make a selection  (9)


Deal the pick for immediate help  (39)


Deal the pick for additional picks  (7)


Total Votes: 92

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