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Al Poll - Step Forward or Step Back?:

Two thumbs up for the much maligned Craig Button?

After months of criticism for a losing team and his inactivity, the Calgary Flames general manager appears to have the full endorsement of the poll takers.

A full 82% of the 109 vote casters see this summer's activity as an improvement in the Calgary Flame's roster.

The acquisition of goaltender Roman Turek, center Rob Niedermayer, and wingers Dean McAmmond and Jukka Hentunen, plus the free agent signing of the rugged Bob Boughner, was seen as a significant step forward by 30% of the populous.

Another 52% characterized the moves by suggesting the team would be marginally better.

Only a combined 9% felt the team took a step backwards in unloading players like Fred Brathwaite, Jason Wiemer and Val Bure. Of that group three percent saw the moves making the Flames much worse, and six percent felt the team would be slightly worse off.

Finally, seven percent of those polling felt the team is roughly in the same boat they were as the summer began.

This fall's starting twenty players will be quite different than the group that concluded the 2000-01 season, as five different players will suite up on opening night.

Unless of course, Mr. Button isn't done.

Step Forward or Step Back?
Has Craig Button improved the Calgary Flames?
No, the team is much worse off  (4)


No, the team is slightly worse off  (7)


The team is about the same  (8)


The team is marginally better  (57)


The team is significantly better  (33)


Total Votes: 109

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