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August 29, 2001

The Calgary Flames may find themselves in a numbers game when training camp comes to a close this fall. The team may have too many forwards, and not enough positions.

Off-season acquisitions and the graduation of some Saint John forwards have created a glut in third and fourth line wingers for the big club. asked it's readers to select which too players they deem the most expendable. Below are the results.

As it stands, Dwayne Hay doesn't have a chance to make the Calgary Flames, or so says the readership of He garnered 47% of the votes, which would mean he appeared as one of the two choices on 94% of the ballots.

"All of them except for Hay would be taken on waivers guaranteed." said one respondent in explaining why Hay was a clear choice.

"Hay will make it through - Clark hasn't shown he's ready yet so I don't see many teams keeping a spot for him", said another in defence of selecting Hay and Chris Clark.

Yet another respondent asked "Does Hay even play for the Flames anymore?"

Second place fell to Chris Clark, a player Craig Button has referred to often in the off-season, as a key addition to the big club this fall. He took in 22% of the votes, and appeared on 44% of the ballots.

Third place fell to Jeff Cowan, a popular player in Calgary.

"WAY to much OFFENSIVE upside to Jeff Cowan to not see him one more year."

Waiver Wire
Which two forwards would you feel more comfortable placing on waivers?
Jeff Cowan  (27)


Ron Petrovicky  (5)


Chris Clark  (46)


Rico Fata  (12)


Steve Begin  (17)


Dwayne Hay  (97)



Total Selections: 204

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