Poll - Offensive Offence?

September 26, 2001

A couple of weeks ago asked it's readers to look into the future.

Preview magazine after preview magazine pointed to a dismal season in Calgary, not many "experts" give the team much of a chance to succeed, many have them falling off the face of the Earth.

More often than not, the Achilles heel pointed out time and again is the expected lack of offence from the team.

A poll was launched to get a Flames fan's view of the goal production of their beloved hockey team.

The results?

Much more positive than the pundits.

A total of 33% of those polled had the Flames score more goals then they managed to score last year.

An additional 26% have the team scoring a similar number, while the remainder feel the Flames will score less by varying degrees.

The weighted average expected goal total for the Flames in the 2001-02 season based on the poll? 192, which is five less than last season.

Some comments from fans ...

"More than 220?!"

"A combination of forechecking and more speed will translate into more opportunities and more goals scored." 

"I'm picking 191-200 as a reasonable benchmark. too early to tell though with pending roster moves, a new coach and 3 or 4 guys who could go either way"

"The Flames need a ot o fgood things to happen (break out years)but think that they will be a better team and score more goals than last year."

Offensive Offence?
How many goals will the Flames score this season?
Less than 160  (3)


161 to 170  (4)


171 to 180  (6)


181 to 190  (9)


191 to 200  (15)


201 to 210  (14)


211 to 220  (3)


More than 220  (2)


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