Out of the Blocks

D'Arcy McGrath

October 29th, 2001

The Calgary Flames finally got a season off on the right foot in 2001-02. With the month of October coming to a close the Flames can now officially put a highly successful month on the books, boating a 8-2-0-2 record, and a share of first place in the Western Conference.

A couple of weeks ago, with the Flames start seemingly an aberration, Calgarypuck.com asked it's readers to define the start.

At the time the Flames were coming off a big win in Detroit, a game which pushed their record to 3-0-0-1, despite losing number one center Marc Savard to a knee injury.

Almost three weeks later the team is still winning, going 5-2-0-1 in the eight games since, including equaling astounding wins in Dallas and St. Louis.

Answers throughout the 18 day period varied, but the majority of Flames fans appear to have a pretty level headed view of the streak, with 56% of those polled feeling the start was a great sign, but that work was still needed.

"It's definetly not luck, but we've got some work to do, and if Savvy is injured bad, then even more work" - 10/11/01

"The Flames are playing better than I thought they would and that HAS to be a good sign. You can't underestimate the impact of this start!" - 10/11/01

Twenty one percent of those polled felt the start was indicative of a true playoff team, signaling the end to futility in the Stamped City.

One pollster remarked early that things were leaning in a negative way, though from the statistics in his comments, it appears more fans became believers as the month rolled along.

"it's funny but four of the five options are variations of we're not very good (and those options have 92%) of the vote so far!" - 10/11/01

The remaining 22% polled felt the start was a fluke, that it was early or that the Flames were catching teams off guard.

Look for our next poll in regards to Jarome Iginla's torrid scoring pace.

Out of the Blocks
What do you make of the Flames surprisingly good start?
Fluke  (8)


It's early  (15)


Playoffs here we come!  (27)


Good sign, but lots of work to do  (70)


Catching teams off guard  (5)



Total Votes: 125