Poll Results: Iginla's Totals

D'Arcy McGrath

November 25, 2001

Two weeks ago, with Jarome Iginla starting off what was to be a 15 game point streak, Calgarypuck.com asked it's readers to project the final season goal total for the dominant power-forward.

It seems ironic, that today, the day the final vote totals are tallied, Jarome Iginla has scored his 20th of the season in only his 23rd game.

Quite likely, the conservative voters from 10 days ago would love nothing more than a "do-over" in order to project a higher total.

Only 4% of those responding felt that Iginla would come up short of the forty goal mark this season, while 10% felt Iginla would topple Lanny McDonald's 66 goal record set in the 1982-83 season.

In-between, a majority of 86% feel he will score somewhere between forty and sixty goals.

The largest classification had Iginla at 40 plus goal at 36%.

The next largest group, 29%, had Iginla topping the fifty goal mark.

The Flames haven't had a 40 goal scorer since the 1995-96 season when Theo Fleury hit the twine 46 times. That was the last season the Flames appeared in the playoffs.

The Flames last 50 goal scorer was in 1991-92 with Gary Roberts doing the honors.

Overall the Flames have had 11 different players score 40 or more in a season, including; Kent Nilsson, Joe Mullen, Robert Reichel, Theo Fleury, Gary Roberts, Joe Niewendyk, Mike Bullard, Hakan Loob, Guy Chouinard, Lanny McDonald.

The club's 50 goal men include; Lanny McDonald, Gary Roberts, Joe Niewendyk, Joe Mullen, Theo Fleury, Guy Chouindard, Hakan Loob.

Comments from the pollsters ...

"what a great season, I'm stoked" 11/22/01 

"Hart Trophy" 11/12/01

"I've made bets the last 3 years that Iggy would get 40. Hopefully (for the Flames and myself) this is the year I'll collect." 10/30/01

"wow remember when we could churn out a 50 goal man year after year? times have changed" 10/30/01

"It depends on the rest of the team's play. If they don't pitch in, the opposition will key on Iginla like they did with Bure last year." 10/30/01

Iggy POP!
Where will Jarome Iginla wind up in the goal department?
30 - he'll fizzle  (4)


35 - new career mark  (4)


40 - last year's goal, this year's reality  (50)


45 - Sign him now Button!  (40)


50 - First 50 Club member since Roberts  (24)


67 - First 60 goal man since Lanny  (14)






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