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By D'Arcy McGrath
Date: 1/14/2001

Last week a national newspaper came out with a league wide annual player and coach rankings, a tradition with the publication. This week Calgarypuck puts the rating in the hands of the fans. Starting today and running through Friday, Calgarypuck will look at the Flames ratings position by position.

Calgarypuck Rates the Flames

Last weekend an annual Talent Pool analysis appeared in the Sun, a  popular national newspaper. The gist of the analysis was to provide a rating from five different experts on the top 20 hockey players on each of the 30 NHL franchises.

By combining a rating for each of these players, an overall rating for the talent level of each club was provided.

The results of the pole set a wave through Western Canada and Calgary in particular. Many fans felt many of the experts were Eastern based and didn't have enough opportunity to see all the players they were applying rating to.

Now it's your turn.

Twenty Flames fans from the Calgarypuck.com message board community jumped forward and rated all the Flames players, and off ice staff on the same scale.

The results were very interesting.

In some cases Flames fans agreed whole heartedly with the expert opinion on a player, but in others the disparity between the two polls was night and day.

The Scale

Numeric Description
5.0 Simply the Best
4.0-4.5 Superstar
3.0-3.5 Above Average
2.0-2.5 Average
1.0-1.5 Barely Holding On
0.5 Strictly Spare Parts

The original analysis yielded a maximum score of 25, which would only be obtained if all five judges gave the same player a 5.0. The highest rating this year was given to three players with a score of 22, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg and Curtis Joseph.

The Calgarypuck analysis followed the same guidelines, but had a greater participation. Twenty different fans submitted their ratings so the Calgarypuck maximum is 100. 

Below is a position by position break down of the results.

The Sun ratings were then multiplied by five in order to provide a common analysis between the two ratings.

On to the Calgarypuck Ratings!

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