Rate the Flames: Training Camp 2002
August 26th, 2002

In the past Calgarypuck.com has asked its readership to rate the Calgary Flames on a position by position basis.

Originally this feature was launched in response to the Sun publication's annual mid season talent analysis, that had players in the NHL ranked within their position. The Calgarypuck.com numbers were then compared to the Sun numbers.

This season we will ask those that are interested to submit a rating before the season begins, at the midpoint mark of the season and when the season comes to a close.

The "camp" submission will be done without the annual Sun analysis, making the midseason and postseason numbers more interesting when the Sun numbers come out in December.

Through the year we'll look at how these ratings change, not only from analysis to analysis but also compared to last year's ratings.

Additionally, we'll compile an overall position rating for each position submitted to better understand the Flames roster, the strengths and weaknesses.

Rating Key


Simply the Best




Above Average




Barely Holding On


Strictly Spare Parts

Nuts & Bolts:

Here's what we need from you.

Each entrant will compile a 23-man roster for the Calgary Flames. Within that roster each player should receive a rating based on the following key. Numbers should be assigned on a half mark basis, that is 2.5 and 3.0 are fine, but nothing in between (2.7, 2.8, etc).

All entries should be arranged by position and mailed to mcgrath@calgarypuck.com

Once the entries slow to a trickle, I'll post a warning that the analysis is coming to a close, and then start to compile the data.

The results will run through a week, position by position towards training camp.

We look forward to your participation.