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Points ... 73 (20TH)

Wins .... 27 (24th)

Goals For ... 197 (25th)

Goals Vs. .... 236 (20th)

Home Wins .... 12 (27th)

Road Wins .... 15 (16th)

O.T. Losses ... 4 (12th)

Powerplay .... 14% (20th)

Home P.P. .... 12.5% (27th)

Road P.P. .... 17.5% (10th)

Penalty Kill .. 79.9% (28th)

Home P.K. .... 83.2% (20th)

Road P.K. .... 76.9% (29th)







Calgarypuck Rates the Flames

Position: Right Wing

If the Calgary Flames have a strength in the forward ranks it would be right wing where 68 of the team's 197 goals were scored by two right wings; Jarome Iginla and Valeri Bure.

All that could change this summer however, given the fact that it appears Val Bure's days in Calgary are numbered.

Will general manager Craig Button manage to fill the hole on the right side that Bure will create, or with the position be weakened?

As we have seen the ratings of the Calgary Flames have fallen from January across the board. The right side would be the exception. 

Jarome Iginla:

Calgarypuck Post Season: 74.8
Calgarypuck Mid Season: 74.0
Sun Rating: 17.0 (adjusted 68)
Post Season Average: 3.74
Mid Season Average: 3.70
Calgarypuck Minimum: 3.0
Calgarypuck Maximum: 5.0

Notes: Team Rank - 1st

Mr. Calgary Flame. Jarome Iginla topped the Calgarypuck ratings with an average of 3.74. He moved up slightly from the mid season poll which had him at 3.70. A rating of 3.74 puts Iginla on the upper end of "above average" category, on the cusp of stardom. The Sun analysis had Iginla at 17.0 which put him on par with other right wings like Jason Arnott (NJ), Brad Isbister (NYI), and Alexander Mogilny (NJ).

Val Bure: 

Calgarypuck Post Season: 55.6
Calgarypuck Mid Season: 51.5
Sun Rating: 13 (adjusted 52.0)
Post Season Average: 2.78
Mid Season Average: 2.58
Calgarypuck Minimum: 1.5
Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.5

Notes: Team Rank - 5th

Val Bure was one of the few Calgary Flames players who had their games pick up towards the end of the season. Bure had a terrible start to the season, a start that was extended toward the holiday season. Though Bure went through a season of turmoil, and will likely be dealt this summer, the Calgarypuck ratings actually saw his stock rise from an average of 2.58 to 2.78. Bure's comparisons in the Sun poll would include; Darcy Tucker (Tor), Lubos Bartecko (St.L) and Trent Klatt (Vcr).

Jeff Cowan:

Calgarypuck Post Season: 45.2
Calgarypuck Mid Season: 54.5
Sun Rating: 10.5 (adjusted 42.0)
Post Season Average: 2.26
Mid Season Average: 2.73
Calgarypuck Minimum: 1.5
Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.5

Notes: Team Rank - 16th

Jeff Cowan's lofty January rating was due to the fact the big winger had scored a surprising seven goals in the first half of the season. The drop in raring is likely due to the fact he only scored two more the rest of the way. His average fell from 2.73 to 2.26, moving him from the high end of the "average" category to the low end. The Sun had Jeff Cowan rated a 10.5, which has him in a similar position to Alexander Korolyuk (SJ), Dave Andreychuk (Buf) and Reed Low (St.L).

Calgarypuck Player Ratings

Chris Clark:

Calgarypuck Post Season: 38.5
Calgarypuck Mid Season: 27.0
Sun Rating: Not Rated
Post Season Average: 1.93
Mid Season Average: 1.35
Calgarypuck Minimum: 0.5
Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.5

Notes: Team Rank - 19th

Chris Clark was a late season call up for the Calgary Flames, scoring five goals with limited ice time. His efforts were not missed by as his rating moved from an average of 1.35 to an average of 1.93. With 2.0 being the threshold of the average NHL hockey player, that represents a significant move for Clark. He wasn't rated in the Sun poll.

Rico Fata:

Calgarypuck Post Season: 31.2
Calgarypuck Mid Season: Not Rated
Sun Rating: Not Rated
Post Season Average: 1.56
Mid Season Average: Not Rated
Calgarypuck Minimum: 0.5
Calgarypuck Maximum: 2.5

Notes: Team Rank - 26th

No other prospect in the Calgary Flames season is the source of more debate than Rico Fata. Some see him as a complete bust. Others see him as a budding star with great speed, and yet another group envisions him as a Todd Marchant defensive player. Rico Fata was called up for a brief stint this season, playing five games in Janaury. He was given a post season rating of 1.56, a rating that is reflective of a prospect trying to stick in the NHL. Fata wasn't rated in the midseason or Sun polls.

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