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Calgarypuck Rates the Flames

Position: Off Ice Personnel

The decision makers.

Players may face the ire of the home town fans while games are being played, but the guys on the front line all the time, are the off-ice personnel.

The 2000-01 season marked a season of change in Calgary. The team fired existing general manager Al Coates, and with him his coach, Brian Sutter.

The two were replaced by Craig Button, moving from the Dallas Star's Director of Scouting position, and Don Hay, who left behind the GM and coaching duties with Tri-City of the Western Hockey League.

By season's end Hay had been fired, and replaced by his assistant Greg Gilbert, and popularity for the group as a whole had all but disintegrated. This disintegration could be seen in the change of ratings in the hockey poll.

Craig Button:

Calgarypuck Post Season: 36.7

Calgarypuck Mid Season: 56.5

Sun Rating: No Ranking

Post Season Average: 1.83

Mid Season Average: 2.83

Calgarypuck Minimum: 0.5

Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.0

Craig Button appears to be the target of choice for disillusioned Calgary fans. His ranking fell from an average of 2.83 in January to a rather poor average of 1.83 in April. A rating under the 2.0 level is defined as "barely hanging on" in players terms. If Button was a player he would rank just ahead of Clarke Wilm and just behind Chris Clark. The Sun didn't provide an analysis of the NHL's general managers.

Don Hay: 

Calgarypuck Post Season: 32.6

Calgarypuck Mid Season: 58.5

Sun Rating: 11.5 (adjusted 46.0)

Post Season Average: 1.63

Mid Season Average: 2.93

Calgarypuck Minimum: 0.5

Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.0

I guess Craig Button can take solace in the fact that he was more popular than the man he fired this season, Don Hay. Don Hay's rating slipped from an average of 2.93 in January to the lowly 1.63 figuere at season's end. When he was released of his duties the Flames were all but eliminated from the playoffs, and the dressing room was in disarray. An average of 1.63 places Hay just ahead of Brad Werenka and just behind Mike Vernon in player terms. The Sun rated Don Hay at 2.30.

Greg Gilbert: 

Calgarypuck Post Season: 48.9

Calgarypuck Mid Season: No Rating

Sun Rating: No Rating

Post Season Average: 2.44

Mid Season Average: N/A

Calgarypuck Minimum: 1.5

Calgarypuck Maximum: 3.5

Greg Gilbert may have had the best off ice situation of the three this season, entering the fray when the battle was already over. Inheriting a team that was already out of it left no where to go but up for the sought after assistant coach. Accordingly, Gilbert received the highest rating of the trio, pulling in an average of 2.44. Gilbert was rated in January, nor did he appear in the Sun's poll. A rating of 2.44 places Gilbert just shy of Toni Lydman, but also ahead of players like Daniel Tkaczuk.

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