Calgary Flames Slap Shot Index

Infraction Occurence Tracking Staff

Professional hockey may not be as violent as in previous eras, but one thing hasn't changed; fans love physical hockey. Nothing brings fans out of their seats faster than a good scrap, a bone jarring hit, or a cheap shot against one of their players.


  • Wall-Flower Clause - If a player hasn't received a major penalty this season they get the benefit of the doubt. In other wards their time between majors would equal their total time on the ice. Because of this a few players without infractions actually appear to be more physical then players with copious ice time, and only a few infractions.

1. Penalty Minutes

The graph below depict each players average time on the ice between penalty minutes as well as the number of minor penalties per player. The chart itself is sorted to show the most penalized players to the left and the least penalized players to the right.

2. Majors

Just like the minor section above, the chart below shows the number of scraps for each Flames fighter this year and the time between each scrap.

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