Future Flames 2003
Rating Success: Way Off the Mark

What's on tap with Calgarypuck.com's improved Future Flames feature?

1. Prospect Depth Chart (to the left of the nav. bar)

  • Places each prospect in their natural positions
  • Places the prospects in order of your prospect ratings, regardless of ballot count
  • Paints a possible picture of the Flame's future

2. Rating Keys (top of the nav. bar)

  • Explains the rating systems for both the "potential" and "likelihood to make the NHL" indices.

3. Calgarypuck.com All Future Teams

  • Jpeg picture of all three prospect analysis years
  • Shows the Flames top three forwards, top two defencemen and top goaltender for each year

4. Prospect Analysis

  • Yearly detailed analysis of the Flames top prospects, excellent for comparing results over the total time period.
  • Potential Analysis - a rating of the top end potential of each prospect.
  • Likelihood Analysis - a rating of the chances for each prospect to make it to the NHL.
  • Combined Analysis - takes the potential and likelihood numbers and brings them together.

5. Movers and Shakers

  • Three stories looking at the players that had large changes in their potential ratings between the four seasons of analysis.

6. In the News / Top Prospect Detail

  • A jump link that takes the reader to the bottom of the page for each of the Flames top prospects
  • The top prospect section provides a summary of statistics and ratings for the top five prospects
  • Also provides a list of links to current and dated stories featuring the prospect.

7. Test of Time

  • Right On the Money - A story that shows the instances where past Calgarypuck.com prospect ratings have hit their mark in forecasting the success of an NHL player.
  • Way Off the Mark - A story that features the opposite, players that haven't lived up to Calgarypuck.com prospect ratings.




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