Future Flames
Calgarypuck.com Prospect Rating Guide

Each "scout" was asked to submit a list of the Flames top prospects broken down as follows

  • 3 goaltenders
  • 5 defenceman
  • 5 forwards

Calgarypuck.com Likelihood Rating Grade



Depth Chart


No Chance

AHL Filler


Dark Horse

Long Road


Cup of Coffee

Call Up


Strong Chance

NHL talent



Can't Miss

The players were graded on a scale to determine which players had the best chance of playing in the NHL, regardless of talent potential (table to the left).

Each submission was entered into a database, creating a Calgarypuck.com average likelihood index for each player.

The additional index for likelihood helps to paint a very different picture in conjuncture with the orginal potential index. Clearly talent matters with prospects, but talent with issues (conditioning, attitude or injury problems) can lead to a much lower likelihood number.


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Potential Rating Key

Likelihood Rating Key

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Potential Analysis - 2000

Potential Analysis - 2001

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Likelihood Analysis - 2002

Combined Analysis - 2002

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Jordan Leopold

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Levente Szuper

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Past Ratings vs. Current Success

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