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I think all hockey fans that step beyond the casual level and towards being a fan of a particular team, are by definition homers.

Some try to hide being a homer by being overtly negative in all things surrounding the team, but when the sheep's clothing hits the floor they're all wolf.

With that said, sometimes the homers are right, they label a prospect as a teen ager and in the end show that they had it right all along.

Rico Fata ('00 3.44 / '01 3.09)

The number one pick from 1998 may have made an exciting plane ride across the pond to Japan to start a training camp (heck the guy signed his contract in the air leading one to think maybe Al Coates coerced the guy like Malkin!) but it didn't take long for hockey fans in Calgary to lose their steam over Rico Fata. Fata was touted as above average in 2000 and down to just average in 2001, out of the organization soon there after. I guess the guy didn't have hockey sense as reported.

Blair Betts ('00 2.94 / '01 3.09 / '02 2.87 / '03 3.07)

One of my personal favourites, this likeable kid was pegged as an average two way forward from the beginning, and that's exactly what he turned out to be. The injury ravaged pivot finally broke through with the Rangers last season playing 66 games and recording 10 points. A great character guy to add to any dressing room.

Chuck Kobasew ('01 3.93 / '02 4.22 / '03 4.20)

I could be jumping the gun on this one, but if Chuck Kobasew follows up his 2nd line production level from the 2005/06 season, he will prove fans right with their 4.0 range of rating for the B.C. product through three years of analysis. Kobasew is far from inspiring in traffic and in the corners, but he's a demon in front of the net with an almost Tim Kerr sense of garbage collection timing.

Dion Phaneuf ('03 4.43 / '04 / 4.94)

No single player has disappointed less in our six years of prospect rankings than Dion Phaneuf and his lightning quick move from draft pick to young star on the Flames blueline. Calgary fans were far from unprepared for this rise pegging him as a star from the get go.

Jordan Leopold ('01 4.14 / '02 4.27)

Say what you will about the former Gopher and Heisman Trophy Winner's inability to produce offensively in the NHL, Jordan Leopold delivered when it came to the fan expectation of a top pairing defenceman. Even through his struggles last season, he was the Flames 2nd highest ice time muncher behind defense partner Robyn Regehr and was solid in his two way game.

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