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Calgarypuck Schedule Tracker

Three point games make playoff races tighter than at any point in recent league history, leaving desperate fans hungry for additional stats in order to get a feel for their team’s playoff chances.

The table below looks at each team’s schedule based on the degree of difficulty that they will face both at home and on the road.

How it works …

Each team has a number of road games left, and with that an average win percentage of the teams they will face. An average win percentage of .600 suggests that in those road games for that team the average home win percentage of the teams they will travel to play average to .600.

These numbers for both home, road and overall are then ranked yielding an idea of how the teams stack up.

The colour coding:

The table below is a heat map showing easy schedules in dark blue, and difficult schedules in bright red. The shades between suggest the rankings.

The summary at the bottom looks at the teams impacting the Flames, and their schedules have traffic lights that are ranked with a difficult schedule in red, moderate in amber, and an easier schedule in green.