Game Takes: Ducks 3 Flames 1

April 4th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Make it an even 25!

With the game clock winding down and the Ducks winning 3-1 the Anaheim crowd took over and pretty much put an exclamation point on the proceedings with a great summary of the evening by way of a chant of “you can’t win here!”.

Clearly the length of the streak isn’t lost on the Californians either, as the Flames blew a 1-0 lead and dropped their 25 straight game in Anaheim, in a wild one that featured a boat load of penalty minutes in the third period.

The streak continues, but perhaps the Flames and Ducks will meet in the playoffs, giving them a chance to at least put another asterisk, like the 2006 playoff series, in the way of something that doesn’t seem to want to end any time soon.
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Game Takes: Ducks 4 Flames 3

April 3rd, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

The Flames have made some big strides this season.

A 90 point team, playoff spot clinched, but perhaps there still lie a few demons to slay, one of which is the Ducks from Anaheim, a team that pretty much always play the Flames hard.

Tonight in a spirited game the Flames nemesis put another log on that fire of superiority, beating the Flames 4-3 with a late goal, in a game where the visiting club was clearly the better team.

Back at it for the Flames on Tuesday where they try and end a 13 year curse in Anaheim, and avoid the Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs.
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Game Takes: Kings 4 Flames 1

March 29th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Two years ago the Flames clinched a playoff spot against the L.A. Kings on Saddledome ice, ending a 5 year drought of missed playoff seasons. The result was somewhat of a surprise, as they ousted a team that seemed so much deeper, and more experienced then an upstart Calgary team that was supposed to be at the precipice of a rebuild.

Two years later and the two teams met up again on the same ice with the same stakes, but it’s amazing how much has changed in 24 calendar months. The Kings are somewhat of a let down, but its the Flames that have changed the most in that time frame, their youth more experienced, and their supplementary players more impactful.

And that wasn’t all that changed, as this time it’s the battle tested warriors with a firm “Not Yet!” delivered to the upstart young squad that was perhaps too focused on retribution and score settling and not ready for the game in hand in a 4-1 set back to the Kings on Wednesday night.

The Flames have 5 more kicks at the cat to get it done.
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Game Takes: Flames 4 Avalanche 2

March 27th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

The Flames have played a lot of tough games, and in a lot of tough buildings of late, so hosting the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night certainly set up as the classic trap game. With 7 dates left on the schedule, and this only light tough left (assuming the Kings still have something to play for), the game set up as a great test for the professionalism of this edition of the Calgary Flames.

So how did they do?


They were professional enough to get things done, so you can give them a check mark for the final result, but the 4-2 nail biter over the Colorado Avalanche was certainly not the intense, system laden effort that we’ve seen from this team in recent weeks.

But then how could it. Magic number down to 2, and move on to the California teams.
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Game Takes: Flames 3 Blues 2 (OT)

March 25th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

There are certain “arrived” buildings in my mind in the NHL circuit. Barns where the Flames always seemed to get wildly outplayed, usually massively out shot, and quite often hugely out scored.

The Scott Trade Center in St. Louis is one of those arenas, a place that feels like a loss before it begins because of the strength of the St. Louis Blues over the past decade of NHL action.

Tonight the Flames showed they are right there, as for the third straight game on this three game road trip they were very much in the fabric of the game, but this time they end up on the right side of things with a come from behind overtime victory in St. Louis. The 3-2 win keeps the gap between the two teams alive as they desperately try and avoid the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs.

Doesn’t that have a great sound to it? A Calgary team playing to avoid certain first round matchups.

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