A Bridge Over Troubled Water – Gaudreau’s Contract

September 1st, 2016 | Posted in Commentary | By: D'Arcy McGrath

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

A team in a rebuilding cycle with two young stud forwards up front, both due contracts, would simply sign their star players and get back to the work of moving up the NHL ranks with a young roster. The players want to be in Calgary, the Flames want them here long term. Easy peasy right? Think again.

Seems nothing in life or hockey is ever as simple as it seems.

And that could be a good thing, trust me. - Full Article –

2016 Summer Prospect Rankings – Summary

August 26th, 2016 | Posted in Prospect Rankings | By: D'Arcy McGrath

With Brad Treliving at the helm Calgary fans have seen a real changing of the guard when it comes to the club’s NHL roster, but also the prospect list voted upon every summer by Calgarypuck.com hockey fans.

Over the past two seasons, the Calgary GM has moved expiring contract players for draft picks which has given him more currency to either select more players, or use them to add established players to the NHL roster.

The prospect list took a bit of a hit, or at least it did at first glance when picks were used to acquire Dougie Hamilton, while this year the acquired picks were retained giving the Flames a 9 player boost to their prospect group. - Full Article –

The Treliving Goalie “Process”

June 17th, 2016 | Posted in Commentary | By: D'Arcy McGrath

The Process.

A buzzword heard over and over again in Calgary since Brad Treliving was hired by Brian Burke in the late Spring of 2014.

The Process.

Each draft is a process requiring meetings, and a list and a recalibration, and a new list, then a challenge to the list, then a final list. Then of course the draft.

His off season to do list is a process that results in an action plan to go out on acquire players. Last summer he said they targeted finding a young defenseman that would fit the age group of the young core they were assembling up front. Low and behold he pulled in a very surprising fish in Dougie Hamilton. He felt his club was too on their heels and wanted to find possession players so in addition to Hamilton he brought in a great play driver in winger Michael Frolik.

The past few months have been filled with the terms process and profile, as the thinker endeavors to find his first head coach, his hire. We don’t know what this process is for sure, but he’s offered hints by describing a profile of what he needs in a coach. He went on to say that once this profile was completed they met with some candidates, then rushed back to the profile to make sure the fit was secure. This process has lead him to a choice, his choice, that could be announced as early as tomorrow with the betting line suggesting Glen Gulutzan.
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Was the Release of Hartley a Surprise?

May 3rd, 2016 | Posted in Commentary | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Coaches are hired to be fired, it’s a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Today the Flames shocked the hockey world by letting go of the ever popular Bob Hartley, a season removed from a Jack Adams award, and about 13 months after the Flames extended his contract.

Nobody saw this coming … or did they?

The hints were certainly there to be seen. - Full Article –

Lottery Fix – April 29th

April 29th, 2016 | Posted in Commentary | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Last Saturday night the HNIC crew thought it best to run the lottery simulation 100 times and report the results. They were in and around the actual odds as expected, which proves my coming point. Don’t run the thing 100 times, run it once and get your head around what that would mean.

Every day between now and April 30th Calgarypuck will run the simulator once and then look at what that would mean. We will assess the result on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst (see Edmonton) and 10 (Flames land Matthews) being the best.

April 29th – 1 Day to the Lottery

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