Game Takes: Flames 3 Senators 2 (OT)

January 26th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

You always want to go out with a bang.

A loss in Ottawa and the Flames head into the all star break with a huge pall hanging over the club as they’d be licking their wounds from a five game losing streak, their season slipping away, the city and the National media leaving them for dead.

Instead they go in on a high as the club blows a 2-0 third period lead, but prevail in overtime to climb back into a playoff spot (points anyway) as they head out on their break.

So while Johnny Gaudreau goes to Los Angeles and the rest of the team go to parts unknown maybe, just maybe they can have a good time. Count on it.
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Game Takes: Montreal 5 Flames 1

January 25th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

You know a hockey team is one of those ugly funks when every thing is going very wrong for every player in almost every instance. That’s certainly the case for the Flames as they drop their fourth straight tonight in Montreal to the tune of 5-1. The loss marks the fourth straight game that had them down 4-0 at some point, certainly a stat that often leads to a loss to be sure.

They can’t get finish from their top players, they can’t get mistake free hockey from their minute munching defenseman, and they can’t get a needed save from either of their goaltenders. Things are on life support for the club now, as the bottom certainly nears if they haven’t hit it already.
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Game Takes: Leafs 4 Flames 0

January 23rd, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

Through the ups and downs of January the Flames managed to avoid streaks, both good and bad, as they’ve struggled their way to a middling effort without being able to add some comfort level to their playoff spot.

Seasons are squandered on losing skids, and the Flames have managed to avoid getting into trouble in that regard, at least until tonight where the Flames dropped a 4-0 game in Toronto, giving them three straight losses, and a record of 3-6-1 in their last ten. If things weren’t dire before, they certainly are now as the team travels to Montreal to play the back half of a pre all star break back to back.

Get the paddles, stat!
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Game Takes: Oilers 7 Flames 3

January 21st, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

It’s been 31 years since the Flames have lost four straight regular season games to the Edmonton Oilers, 31 years! Four in a row is a lot, so it doesn’t say a lot about the talents of either team, though it does speak to how long the Flames franchise has been in Calgary which is cool in itself. Recently however the Flames have owned the season series year by year dominating their Northern neighbours who couldn’t keep out of their own way.

Tonight the Oilers did just that, as a mix of a lack of Calgary finish and some spotty Flames goaltending led to a 7-3 win for the Oilers on Calgary ice on Saturday night.

The loss hurts for the Flames playoff chances, and almost certainly means the Oilers will finish ahead of the Flames for the first time in either of my kid’s lives; I liked it better the other way!

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Game Takes: Predators 4 Flames 3

January 19th, 2017 | Posted in Game Takes | By: D'Arcy McGrath

A tale of too little too late.

For 55 minutes the game story was a pretty simple one to write. The Flames failed to show up early and never really got themselves in it in a listless 4-0 loss the Nashville Predators on Thursday night.

Instead the Flames mount a crazed comeback, scoring three goals in roughly two and a half minutes to make said 4-0 loss into a 4-3 nail biter. The positive side of me appreciates the never say die angle from the Flames, while the frustrated side of me points out the fact that they’ve surrendered the first goal in 6 straight games and they simple have to find a way to get things going off the hop.

Either way they drop an important game to a team chasing them in the ever tightening Western Conference playoff race.

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