Assessing the Numbers Before Canada Day

June 28th, 2008 | Posted in CPuck Blog | By: D'Arcy McGrath

With a fury of activity, both in signing players, waiving players and buying out a player one must ask; where does this team sit going into Canada Day?

Using existing salaries, some reported salaries and some guesstimates both on what has happened and what should happen I arrive at 20 players signed and 52.5 dollars spoken for.


Giordano signed at 800K
Conroy signed at 1.05M
Nystrom signed at 800K
McElhinney signed at 800K
Nilson not on the team
Eriksson not on the team
Warrener bought out cost 833K
Nolan signed at 1.25M
Pardy signed and promoted at 750K

So roughly 4.0M that they can spend, though the budget number may be under that. They need a depth defenseman and then have room for another forward.

One would think the team wouldn’t be looking at buying out Rhett Warrener if they didn’t have plans for the cap space found in the transaction so my guess is one more 2nd tier player to be added to the team.

Thoughts on the assumptions?

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