Calgarypuck Finds Its Voice

September 4th, 2008 | Posted in Calgarypuck News | By: D'Arcy McGrath

The hard working Calgarypuck crew is pleased to announce Calgarypuck radio, a new feature to accompany the successful website and its online community this fall.

Our plan is to take advantage of the type of hockey fan that frequents and focus on the hockey addict, the top of the hockey pyramid, and not dummy the show down to the lowest common denominator.

Grant Farhall will be hosting a weekly internet radio show that will go live, using a new Calgarypuck radio message board as it’s contribution center to keep a lively debate going about the topics at hand for the Calgary Flames. The show will feature Grant and Calgarypuck owner D’Arcy McGrath as the two primary voice personalities, joined by additional guests that will take on more clarity as the season progresses, including message board contributors themselves in certain cases.

The plan is to use the message board for ideas, to pull some of the best posts of the week, to feature contributors to the message boards, and to look for message board comments while the show is being recorded and flow them into the debate.

After the show is recorded, each one will be archived and available for podcasts so those that missed the show can include the broadcast in your next day’s commute to the office.

We hope to have great support from the community and look forward to adding a brand new and exciting dimension to Calgarypuck’s Flame coverage.

Calgarypuck has a voice, now sit down, shut up and listen!

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